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              Contact Us:0086(571)-87393697

              International Security Services Co.,Ltd.

              Hanwei International Security Services Co. Ltd. was registered in SAIC China in 2014, and specialized in providing professional international security services for national interests of economic and people’s property. Our company provides security services for cruise yachts, ocean-going vessels, institutions abroad, and also includes protection for people or group investing overseas when the military protection is not provided.

              Our company follows the international security situation, defenses the overseas Chinese firms”, adheres to “security interests is the core interest of enterprises, and hold the faith that the core interests of Chinese enterprises must be kept by Chinese people themselves. To safeguard the security of property and people overseas, Hanwei afford standard management, high-quality service by constantly improving the professional counter-terrorism skills. Meanwhile, our company applies advanced international security technology and concept,to provide full range of security services for domestic government, enterprises and individuals and strives to …

              HANWEI SERVICE


              HANWEI SERVICE

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              HANWEI NEWS

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